Thugs Attack Lawyer, Journalist in Chechnya

Expand Human rights lawyer Marina Dubrovina (L) in a police vehicle, and journalist Elena Milashina following separate attacks in Chechnya.  © 2020 Marina Dubrovina/Facebook; 2020 Elena Milashina/Facebook Last night, a group of thugs in Grozny attacked human rights lawyer Marina Dubrovina and investigative journalist Elena Milashina – the latest in a long history of attacks on […]

Syria: Cluster Munition Attack on School

Expand An unexploded 9N24 fragmentation submunition is marked by deminers in Sarmin, Idlib governorate. © 2020 Syria Civil Defense (Beirut) – A ballistic missile equipped with a banned cluster munition warhead launched by Syrian forces killed 12 civilians, including 5 children, at a school on January 1, 2020, Human Rights Watch said today. The attack killed 9 […]

Syria: Deadly School Attack Was Unlawful

Expand An image taken with a local anti-government media outlet of the remnant of the 240mm mortar projectile utilized in a deadly attack by Syrian government forces on Jarjanaz on November 24, 2018.&nbsp &copy 2016 Syria Now (Beirut) &ndash A November 24, 2018 attack by Syrian government forces near an grade school that wiped out […]