Kazakhstan Draft Law Would Undermine Freedom of Assembly

Expand Kazakhstan’s police officers push arrested protesters into a police bus during an opposition rally in Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 21, 2019.  © 2019 AP Photo/Vladimir Tretyakov Despite repeated promises by Kazakhstan’s authorities to reform the country’s restrictive protest law, on March 26, parliament rushed through the first vote on a bill that would ultimately maintain the […]

Kyrgyzstan: Bill Threatens Workers’ Rights

Expand An airplane trace is seen behind a Kyrgyzstan national flag fluttering in a central square in Bishkek March 11, 2013. © 2013 Reuters (Berlin) – Draft amendments to Kyrgyzstan’s trade union law would severely inhibit independent trade union organizing and violate international labor treaties to which Kyrgyzstan is a party, Human Rights Watch said […]

A Child Bride’s Attempted Suicide in Lebanon

The tragic situation of the 16-year-old child bride who attempted suicide should prompt Lebanon&rsquos parliament to finally pass a law ending child marriage in the country. Expand The parliament building in downtown Beirut, Lebanon October 27, 2016.&nbsp &copy 2016 Reuters Media and other reports repeat the girl leaped in the roof of her parents&rsquo house […]

Vietnam: Big Brother Is Watching Everyone

Expand Deputies attend the outlet ceremony from the National Assembly’s fall session in Hanoi, Vietnam October 23, 2017.&nbsp &copy 2017 Reuters (New You are able to) &ndash Vietnam should postpone the use of what the law states on Cyber Security and revise it to create it to conformity with worldwide law, Human Legal rights Watch […]