UAE: Free Rights Defender Ahmed Mansoor

Expand Human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor smiles while speaking to Associated Press journalists in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, on Thursday, August 25, 2016. © 2016 AP Images (Beirut, April 12, 2019) – UAE authorities should immediately free Ahmed Mansoor, an award-winning human rights activist whose health has been deteriorating rapidly as he carries out a […]

Conservatives in the Academy III: Not Capable?

As noted in previous essays, there is a diversity issue in higher education: liberals (or at least Democrats) significantly outnumber conservatives (or at least Republicans). Since the subject of diversity has long been addressed by conservatives, it makes sense to use their approach when inquiring into the lack of ideological diversity in the ivory towers. […]

Conservatives in the Academy II: Making them want?

While some have raised concerns that Marxism is a dire problem in higher education, a more realistic concern is that higher education is dominated by liberals (or at least Democrats). Conservatives (or at least Republicans) are in the minority, sometimes to an extreme degree. Such a disparity certainly invites inquiry. One motivation, at least for […]

Sri Lanka: Don’t End Death Penalty Moratorium

Expand Visiting Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena, left, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte shake hands following the welcoming ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, at the Presidential Palace grounds in Manila, Philippines.  © 2019 AP Photo/Bullit Marquez (New York) – The Sri Lankan government should drop plans to resume executions, which would end an unofficial 43-year […]

Evil & Institutions II: Reconsidering Lawful Evil

Embed from Getty Images In an earlier essay, I considered the various evil Dungeons & Dragons alignments in the context of institutions. In that essay, I took the view that lawful evil people are the most dangerous of all because they aim to institutionalize evil. However, a case can be made that the lawful evil […]

Kant & Tasering Dead Rats

Embed from Getty Images While Logan Paul has posted YouTube videos of rather awful behavior, his channel is still operating as of this writing. Paul’s latest video adventure involved tasering a dead rat, leading Penny Arcade to raise the moral question of the ethics of dead rat tasering as well as the morality of YouTube […]

Why the Gaza Protests Won’t Stop

Expand Israeli forces fire tear gas towards Palestinian demonstrators near the fences separating Gaza and Israel, as seen from the Israeli side, on March 30, 2018.  © 2018 Reuters On Saturday, Palestinians in Gaza will head to the fences with Israel that effectively serve as their prison walls to mark one year since they began […]

Does Marxism Rule the Academy?

One talking point in the culture wars is that post-modern neo-Marxist college professors are indoctrinating the youth. Some take a more moderate view of college professors, simply regarding them as excessively liberal and indoctrinating the youth in liberal dogma. While I am confident that the academy is not ruled by Marxists, there are still interesting […]