Kant & Tasering Dead Rats

Embed from Getty Images While Logan Paul has posted YouTube videos of rather awful behavior, his channel is still operating as of this writing. Paul’s latest video adventure involved tasering a dead rat, leading Penny Arcade to raise the moral question of the ethics of dead rat tasering as well as the morality of YouTube […]

Does Marxism Rule the Academy?

One talking point in the culture wars is that post-modern neo-Marxist college professors are indoctrinating the youth. Some take a more moderate view of college professors, simply regarding them as excessively liberal and indoctrinating the youth in liberal dogma. While I am confident that the academy is not ruled by Marxists, there are still interesting […]

Getting it Wrong

Embed from Getty Images On February 14th, 2018 seventeen people were murdered during a school shooting. As per the well-established script: the media focused on the weapon used, the right offered “thoughts and prayers” while insisting that this was not the time to talk about gun violence, and the left called for more gun control. […]

Conservatives in the Academy IV: Oppressed?

Within this essay around the dearth of conservatives in greater education, the potential oppression of conservatives is going to be considered. I’m clearly not the first to advance this hypothesis, but it’s certainly worth new consideration. The concept is really a familiar one: an organization has been unjustly discriminated against within an institution which makes […]